Use Natural Cleaning

Use Natural Cleaning

When we use a lot of chemical cleaners in our homes, we are not only polluting the environment inside the house but also outside. In order to protect our surroundings, we must start with little things like using natural products as cleaning agents. Lot of synthetic cleaners uses toxic materials which can have a very bad effect on our health and not to mention that of environment too. Here are some quick tips to not only switch to natural cleaners but also saving a lot of money as all these items are readily available around the house.

Bathroom cleaning
Did you know a proportion of vinegar mixed with water and baking soda will give you a perfect cleaner that is natural and available at home for no extra cost? You can make your bathrooms shine like new again without smelling like chemicals.

Air freshener
If you enjoy the sweet smell of cleanliness after your work is done, then don’t waste money on expensive aerosols that are such a threat to the atmosphere. Instead, use the natural ingredients like cinnamon, flowers, orange peels etc to create a natural fragrance that will leave your house smelling nice and clean.

Kitchen cleaning
When cleaning the kitchen, you must start with the cutting board that should not be cleaned with a chemical at all as you cut vegetables on it. Use lemon peel or vinegar to scrape off stains and smell. You can also use the combination of baking soda with water and vinegar to clean the sinks. However, the best cleaning tip is to clean the oven. Just scrub water and baking soda solution inside the oven and leave it overnight. Wipe it clean in the morning for a naturally cleaned oven.

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