Top 5 Natural remedies from the Kitchen

Top 5 Natural remedies from the Kitchen

There are natural remedies available in one’s kitchen cabinet that helps cure a common cold or pimple marks on the face.These are completely safe and do not result in any side effects. One can experiment with these natural remedies available at home and is free of cost too.

Turmeric: The yellow powder is a powerful antiseptic. One can apply the water based paste on the skin with small scratches or rashes and watch it heal. If a pinch of turmeric is mixed with honey and applied on pimples it dries the zit in a jiffy.

Pepper: Mixed with honey, this concoction is the excellent natural cure for cough and does not make one drowsy unlike the cough Syrup.

Tomato: This acts as a powerful astringent and cleans the pores on the face. If applied regularly, the scars from the pimples gradually fade away giving a natural and blemish free skin. The blemishes will not vanish overnight but is better than most of the zit creams available over the counter.

Yoghurt and Lemon: An excellent natural remedy for a facial cleanup. Apply and leave it for five or ten minutes. After washing the face, the skin feels fresh and tingling. Two drops of lemon with yoghurt should do the trick.

Mint: This popular herb is a perfect antidote for cold .Take a bowl of warm water. Throw in some mint leaves into the bowl. Inhale deeply the aroma of the mint .The mint laden vapor clears the nose and decongests the chest.

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