Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Pimples

Natural Ways of Getting Rid of Pimples

To have pimples on your face can be rather annoying, especially if you are a woman and are very conscious about the way you look. While pimples can indeed be removed using cosmetic products, there are numerous natural ways by which you can go about reducing pimples on your face. To know more about such processes, read on.

Keep Applying Turmeric Paste on your Face for One Whole Week

Make a natural paste of turmeric and add a bit of sugar to it. Then apply this paste on the pimple prone areas of your face and leave it on for about fifteen minutes to half an hour. Once the paste has dried, you need to rinse it off with cold or lukewarm water. This process has to be repeated for two to three times on a daily basis for one whole week. By the end of the week, the pimples will have considerably reduced.

Use Coconut Water to Remove Pimples on your Face in a Smooth and Hassle Free Manner

Another natural way, by which you can remove pimples from your face and especially the marks that are caused on your facial skin by pimples, is the use of coconut water over your face. Coconut water needs to be applied for ten to fifteen minutes on a daily basis and the pimples should start reducing soon.

Thus, getting rid of your pimples naturally is something that you can do quite easily if you keep the above mentioned points in mind.

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