Natural Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Natural Skin Care Tips for Healthy Skin

Our skin is a sign of mental, physical and emotional wellness. A glowing and radiant skin indicates positive attitude, good health and self-confidence. Several products are available in the markets which are manufactured to make you look good. However, such cosmetics contain harmful chemicals. It is to be understood rightly that skin care is not just about using the right products but also a combination of right diet and healthy lifestyle too. Here are some tips which will help you to get healthy skin naturally.

1. Drinking adequate water is very essential to eliminate all toxins and also to purify blood and aiding digestion. All this will lead to great skin.

2. Drinking of honey with warm water empty stomach helps a lot. Also, food rich in fiber needs to be intaken along with lots of fresh food and green vegetables to have great skin. Cutting down on sugar is also essential. Vitamins, proteins, minerals and fats must also be taken in right amount.

3. Apart from the above one can apply various natural products on the skin. Read on to find more about it.
a) Using of soap if possible must be stopped as it contains harmful ingredients that rob the skin of moisture. Instead a paste of gram flour and milk can work wonders on the skin.
b) Massaging body with mustard oil before bathing renders the skin a smooth touch and gives it the adequate moisture.
c) Daily cleansing of skin can be done by applying mixture of rose-water, milk and sandalwood powder before washing off.
d) Warm honey and lemon juice can be mixed and applied to give a clean and fresh look of the skin.
e) Skin can be bleached naturally by using lemon juice and milk.
f) Sun tan can be removed by applying the juice of tomato and cucumber mixed together.
The glow that is derived from using harmful products is temporary. Whereas, the glow from using such natural products and remedies is everlasting. It is wise to choose natural products for an everlasting glow.


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