Honey - the natural home remedy

Honey - the natural home remedy

For centuries, people have known the healing properties of honey. Over the last century, people have increasingly turned to pharmaceuticals for treatment of most ailments.

There are many different kinds of honey, such as Manuka honey, acacia honey, buckwheat honey, and neem honey.

The most common uses for Manuka honey are as topical antibiotics and for treating acne. This type of honey is also used for treating colds and influenza. Acacia honey and buckwheat honey can help to cleanse the digestive tract and the liver and has many antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties. Neem honey is commonly used for treating diabetes and high blood pressure.

Some of the ways that honey can be used as natural home remedies are for treating nausea, exfoliation, lowering cholesterol, restoring sleep, improving circulation, pre-biotic support for the digestive tract, treating allergies, losing weight, face masks, and moisturizing.

Honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates which our bodies need for energy, increasing athletic performance and endurance. It helps reduce fatigue when exercising. Honey contains two types of sugars - glucose which is absorbed quickly giving instance energy and fructose which is absorbed more slowly to help keep blood sugar levels more constant. Studies are being conducted to prove the carcinogen-preventing and tumor reducing properties of honey and how honey can be used in the fight against cancer.

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