Five home remedies that really work

Five home remedies that really work

While you should always see a doctor or go to an emergency room if you are experiencing severe pain or a condition that persists, there are a number of quick and easy proven home remedies that you can use to feel better at home. Here are five of them:

Lavender oil for headaches

Most people know that lavender smells great, but very few people know that lavender oil can be used as a home remedy for easing a headache. It can be inhaled or applied to your skin. You should not drink it. To treat a headache, add two to four drops of lavender oil to two to three cups of boiling water and then inhale the vapors.  There is no need to dilute lavender oil if you choose to apply it to your skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar for upset stomach

If you have an upset stomach, mix some apple cider vinegar with water and honey. Slowly drink the mixture. The acids in the vinegar help to keep bacteria in the stomach healthy. Some people prefer to drink the vinegar without mixing it with water and honey. You can also drink up to a spoon each day as a preventive measure. 

Tea with honey against common cold

Honey mixed in tea is one of the most well-known effective home remedies for sore throat and the common cold. Multiple scientific studies about honey confirm its positive effects on health.

Salt Water for sore throat

Salt is one of the items that is present in almost every home and can serve as a remedy in a multitude of cases. Just like with honey, science has proven the effectiveness of salt over and over again.

Pepper and salt for tooth ache

Salt mixed with pepper is a proven remedy for sensitive teeth. In case of a tooth ache, mix equal amounts of pepper and salt. Then add a few drops of water to the mix to form a paste. Next, apply the paste directly to the aching tooth and keep it there for a few minutes to ease the pain.



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