Discover The Merits Of Honey In Relieving The Symptoms Of Common-Cold

Discover The Merits Of Honey In Relieving The Symptoms Of Common-Cold

The worst part of a cold for most of us is the sore throat that one develops as a consequence. Many people take to sucking candies to alleviate a sore throat and it even relieves a stuffed nose.

Drinking lots of water and getting a good sleep are some of the easy solutions to the symptoms of common cold. Some hot tea with a bit of honey is going to work miracles on your cold.

You can always try out a toast with some cinnamon sprinkled over it. Some glasses of orange-juice are going to be wonderful.

If you haven't given a try to honey, and its skills at relieving symptoms of cold, you should do it now. It really works, and is quite soothing to have something like honey go down a sore throat you develop.

Make a mixture of some lemon-juice and honey. They should be in a ratio of 1:2. The magic potion should be consumed every two hours.

There is bound to be some relief from the soreness. Alternatively, you can consider of swallowing some honey as it is in its raw form. It is bound to deliver some relief from the soreness.

Honey works its magic even in the case of upper respiratory infections. In a study, honey was found to be many times more potent in toning down the symptoms of coughs that wreak havoc at nights than popular cough suppressant.

Honey is found to be effective when it comes to healing wounds, so if you develop some wounds in your throat, honey will certainly do its job in healing the wound.




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