3 Natural Remedies to Cure Headaches at Home

3 Natural Remedies to Cure Headaches at Home

Do you suffer from constant headaches, and dread popping pills everytime? Headaches can be of a variety of kinds, and depending on what you have, there are a good number of natural remedies that you can whip up at home, instead of risking the side effects from pills. Here are some popular ones: 

Reexamining your diet
Some people have “trigger foods”, such as chocolate, alcohol, onions, pickles, etc. that cause headaches or migraines. Track your diet for foods that might be leading to those headaches, and pinpoint them through a process of elimination. The hardest part might be just the identification of your trigger foods. It should be smooth sailing after that.

Natural oils
Certain natural oils such as lavender, peppermint or basil oil can be very effective in easing yourself out of headaches. Apart from being au naturel options, these are also very easy to apply, needing only inhaling, or as vapor treatment.  

Massaging the scalp and acupressure
Seems too simplistic, but massage and acupressure therapies are often some of the most effective methods to kill headaches and even migraines. Applying pressure to the occipital nerve at the posterior base of your skull could provide relief from migraine. Pressing hard into the fleshy area between your thumb and forefinger, and massaging the point can relieve other forms of headache.

Headaches, even mild ones can cause more damage than you'd imagine, while migraines leave you virtually helpless. Pills and other medication are fine as a last resort, but it's best to turn to natural means to relieve pain. Follow the suggestions above, and you'll find yourself able to deal with even the worst of headaches at home with ease.


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