Tips to fly the healthier way

Tips to fly the healthier way

Travelling on a plane can always seem an easier and luxury task but today flying is more of an ordeal than pleasure. Long queues for security and safety checks and many other important procedures and tasks can break you down. Also there are lots of other health related problems that can affect you if you are travelling by any airlines. Stress, aching limbs, sleep disruption and swollen ankles are some of the major problems people face apart from problems like jet lag. Despite of all these drawbacks and health related problems people have to board planes and travel.

Jet lag
This condition is the result of travelling across various times zones that can cause symptoms like sleep disruption and fatigue. The human biological clock is attuned to the day-night cycle, but when we travel through different time zones quickly, our body functions as per the time zone which we left behind. 

One can always follow certain points to minimize the effects of jet lag like setting watch according to the time zone of the destination, getting into local routine as soon as you arrive your destination, exposure to daylight as to adjust your body clock and many other which you can always search on the web.

Sleep and comfort
Not everyone can sleep well during the journey so you can always take certain steps like choosing seat wisely and take proper medications on any health problem. Proper sleep can always help you restore your energy and adjust accordingly.


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