Sip Into Some Orange-Juice Regularly For A Healthy And Active Regimen

Sip Into Some Orange-Juice Regularly For A Healthy And Active Regimen

Oranges are the best source of vitamin C for the body, so be sure to bite into some everyday for a healthy dose of the vitamin everyday. This is going to be another way to keep your skin glowing and healthy. It is also going to push away all chances of you getting a cold. The vitamin C content of orange juice is also known to be helpful in boosting the body's immunity against diseases and infections.

Studies conducted into the potentials of orange-juice reveal it to be able to  counter bad levels of cholesterol in the body besides maintaining the blood-pressure in the body at healthy levels.

Orange-juice is also known for its potentials to keep away cancer of all forms. It is the best agent against skin cancer, and cancerous growths in the mouth, or even the lungs. It is also known for its potential to keep away the possibility of formation of kidney-stones. The citrate content of orange-juice lowers the acidity of urine. So, it aids in the control of formation of stones in teh kidney.
The flip-side of orange-juice is that it contains a lot of calories. So, it is not going to be your best-friend if you are looking for a regimen  of weight-loss. In this case, you should always avoid drinking  a lot of it. If you are opting for some canned orange-juice,  a perusal of the calorie content is going to prove to be helpful.

The other important point about orange-juice is that it is acidic in nature. It has the potential to damage the teeth, and even the intestines. You are likely to get a stomach-ache if you consume a lot of orange-juice.


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