Misuse of Contact Lenses Can Lead to Various Infections Including Blindness.

Misuse of Contact Lenses Can Lead to Various Infections Including Blindness.

People generally misuse contact lenses — wearing them too long, not cleaning them properly — and that causes almost a million cases of eye infection.

These infections are clinically known as keratitis, an infection of the cornea, the clear dome that covers the colored part of the eye. Keratitis can cause pain and inflammation and, in severe cases, even blindness. The largest risk factor for this infection is the improper care of their lenses.

Some bad habits, such as sleeping with contact lenses, failing to clean and replace lens solution frequently, and letting contact lenses get wet while swimming or in the shower, greatly raises the risk for keratitis.

If keratitis is not treated quickly and effectively, it causes scarring, which interferes with vision. And if it is not cured, it can perforate, and in the worst instances, the eye can be lost. Prompt recognition and treatment is essential. Patients are almost always aware of the problem since it generally causes significant pain, in addition to clouding of vision.

Unclean lens carry-cases and sloppy cleaning practices can cause contamination of contact lenses and raise the risk of keratitis.

However, that risk can be minimized, by being certain never to keep the contact lenses in the eyes overnight and being very careful to follow proper techniques for cleaning and storing them.

To prevent keratitis:

a) Washing hands with soap and water before touching contact lenses,

b) Removing contacts before bed, showering or swimming,

c) Rubbing and rinsing contacts in disinfecting solution after taking them out,

d) Rubbing and rinsing the contact lens case with contact lens solution, drying the case and keeping it upside down with the caps off,

e) Replacing lens cases at least every three months.

Always carry your glasses should contact lenses have to be removed.


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