What happens when you eat sugary junk food

What happens when you eat sugary junk food

Every person likes eating sweets. They taste good, and they make us happier. But, your body doesn’t like them very much. Eating too much of them is the main reason for overweight problems, and diabetes!

Sweets that we eat are made from simple sugars, so they digest almost immediately. Digested sugars are called glucose. After the digesting, glucose levels increased rapidly. The pancreas increases the insulin (which is used to turn glucose into glycogen, used by the muscles and liver). Then, the glucose levels drop dramatically. Our body treats this like danger, so its release cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones), to use sugar from the supplies. This leads to increased heart rate and it makes our stomach clench. When our body realizes that there is no danger, everything returns to normal.

Every time when this happens, there is some glycogen left in our body. Unless you haven’t exercised before eating sweets, that glycogen will be converted into fat! People don’t know that eating food with high levels of sugar is responsible for increasing weight!

Sugar is responsible for reducing the number of white blood cells, which are used by the immune system. One study found that people who eat 100g of sugar have lower number of their white blood cells! This last 5 hours, and after that their number is returned to normal. Eating too many products that contain sugar will raise your blood pressure, and make your heart work harder. People who have type 2 diabetes must be extremely careful when eating products that contains sugar, or it can be fatal for them! At the end, I must say, there is not a single benefit of eating candies!


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