The ultimate sandwich omelet for breakfast

The ultimate sandwich omelet for breakfast

The ultimate sandwich omelet for breakfast is great recipe for all individuals in love with the first meal of the day. The ingredients for this recipe include: two eggs, milk, butter, lettuce, ham, cheese, and ketchup. 

The first step would be to crack the eggs and dump them into a bowl with a drop of milk, and then rapidly turn them with a fork for four minutes. After this, place a frying pan on top of the stove and put the stove on medium. A drop of butter should be placed in the pan. 

Once the butter has melted, it’s time to pour the eggs into the pan. After seven minutes, it is then time to put in two slices of cheese and one sliced up piece of ham. After another seven minutes, it’s time to turn the egg over and make it into an omelet; for a well-done omelet, it would be best to let the omelet cook on both sides for an extra three minutes. 

The egg should then be placed on toasted white bread. Before placing the other piece of white bread on the egg, you should place ketchup on the egg and place lettuce over the ketchup and then the other piece of the bread. The last step would be to cut the sandwich in half before enjoying it. Some people also like to top this sandwich with salt and pepper. 

This sandwich is also good for lunch and dinner, too; people can add as many items as they want to add. 


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