The Super foods that you should consume Everyday

The Super foods that you should consume Everyday

Our diet should not only include food items that appeals out taste buds. It should also provide our body but all the essential nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Here we are going to mention top five super foods that should be included in everybody’s diet.
•    Almonds
Almonds are nuts that are very nutritious. They are known for preventing cancer and heart diseases. They are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin E. It consists of healthy fats so you should not worry about gaining weight. You can include it in your daily diet to reap more benefits.

•    Eggs
Many people love having egg in their breakfast. Don’t worry; it is nothing bad as it is a superfood. It is a rich source of protein, vitamin A, vitamin E and the most essential element that regulates the functioning of nervous system.

•    Broccoli
This vegetable is a rich source of vitamin C, K, A and potassium. It regulates blood pressure and also boosts your immune system. Most pregnant women are advised to have this vegetable as it contains calcium and iron. You should make sure that you have broccoli at the room temperature. It can also be used in preparation of salad as it retains essential nutrients.

•    Yogurt
Yogurt is a source of calcium, proteins and probiotics. It contains vitamin D that is essential for absorption of calcium that is good for bones. It can also lower the level of cholesterol of your body.

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