Spices you must have

Spices you must have

Food is we can freely say nothing if we don’t add some spices in it. When it comes to raw vegetables and fruit, you don’t need spices in that case, but if you want to cook it or fry it or anything else, spices are must have.

They will definitely improve the taste of something you eat, and even if you are eating something you don’t like, spices will give a flavor to it.
Garlic, for example, is a favorite for so many people and chefs around the world. You can use freshly peeled cloves or maybe a garlic powder, it doesn’t matter, you won’t go wrong.
Even though technically it is not a spice, people definitely use it as one.

Cinnamon is great and very practical because you can use it in both savory and sweet meals. It is also very useful if you combine it with honey, because it reduces blood sugar,  bust your metabolism and is very healthy in general.

You can add it to your milk, pies ( combined with apples is simply irresistible ), marinades, etc.
Ginger also has a multiple purpose. It is slightly sweet, yet little bit hot. In Asia is very popular, and you can use it combined with garlic.

Many people, especially the ones who love to drink smoothies, put ginger in their drink because it enhances the flavor. It is also very healthy, it can stop nausea and relieve bloating and heartburn.

Oregano – when you think of it, what comes to your mind? Pizza of course. It is a main ingredient when it comes to making pizza, and you can also put it in a lot of different pasta, such as Bolognese. 


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