Seductive food

Seductive food

Who says that you can only seduce someone with your appearance and body language? In case you didn’t know a lot of different foods can simply hypnotize someone so easy that you wouldn’t believe it.

According to some experts it is really important for you to get a food that has certain shape, such as sexy shape.
Maybe it sounds silly, but if you get anything that looks little bit erotic, it will automatically going to set your partner’s brain in motion.
Then we have chocolate. Chocolate is like a treasure when it comes to good mood. It contains serotonin and phenylethylamine that are natural feel-good substances. Many people believe that if you use it, it will create that feeling you get when you fall in love, and who doesn’t want that?

This may seem too obvious and simple, but strawberries and cream combination or strawberries and chocolate combination are very good as an aphrodisiac.
All you have to do is dip your strawberries into cream or into chocolate and you will see how sexy it will look to your partner. These combinations may seem too typical, but definitely something you should try out.

Now this food doesn’t look attractive or pretty at all, but oysters can definitely pump some passion into your evening.
If you are a guy, or you want to seduce one, you should definitely give oysters to him, because they contain dopamine, which is the hormone that increases libido.
And then we have champagne, which is not actually food, but can definitely help you with your mood and atmosphere. Plus if you add little bit strawberries to it, your night will be crazy.

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