Importance of Healthy Food

Importance of Healthy Food

Food is something that we eat to satisfy our hunger and nutrition is something that is consumed/ absorbed by our body from the food that we eat.

Healthy eating means eating different types of foods that gives you the nutrients. You need to maintain your health, feel and have energetic. These nutrients include carbohydrate (carb like rich; food, sugars, candies), vitamins (we get vitamins from food), fat (fat is the essential part of our diet), protein (protein is the body’s building block. All of our organs including the skin, are built from proteins, as are the muscles, hair and nails etc.), water (drinking water every day is necessary to maintain a healthy hydration, the human body is water up to 60 %.), Minerals (minerals nutrients for the human body include: copper, sulfur, calcium, iron, magnesium etc.). Nutrition is important for everyone.

Healthy food is food considered to be profitable to health. In ways that go on the other side normal healthy diet required for human nutrition. Food considered healthy may be natural food, whole foods, organic foods and sometimes vegetarian or dietary supplements. Such products are sold in health food stores.

Healthy food that is believed to be good for you therefore it does not contain artificial chemicals or much sugar or fat. Therefore we should always ignore the food items which are containing artificial chemicals or preservatives. We should always keep in mind that fresh and healthy food will make our life span more. That is good food, good life.


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