Emerge as Winner in the Battle with Leanness

Emerge as Winner in the Battle with Leanness

A lean body is like a curse for many people because they become a source of mockery for others. Indeed, it is a shameful situation for them as their weight is not up to the mark. But, this does not mean that they cannot enhance their personality by increasing weight and look smart. Every person has the right to look good and it is the proper intake of weight gaining food items that a person is able to gain required amount of weight and shun away sarcastic remarks.

1. Noodles:
Generally, people think that noodles are not healthy to eat and have lot of harmful nutrients. But, this is not right as they are an excellent source of gaining weight because of included calories and a high amount of carbohydrates. Though; it should be consumed in an adequate amount as suggested by the dietician and not just hopping on it.

2. Potatoes:
As said by the expert dieticians, the people willing to gain weight should include high amount of carbohydrates in their daily diet and potatoes is the right choice. Being high in carbohydrates and amino acids like arginine as well as glutamine, potatoes are always welcomes by the people willing to add extra pounds and look smart enough. Moreover, it has a good nutritional value.

One thing should be taken into consideration that an excess intake of fatty food will definitely invite health problems. So, the weight gaining food should be taken as per the plan suggested by a dietician.

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