Diet plan-with exercise

Diet plan-with exercise

A good diet plan is for obvious when you work out for exercise as without healthy diet your exercise is going in vain. One having a good intake of calories all day long does not need to gulp before or after any exercise.

Before starting any type of stretches make sure you are well hydrated. Many experts in this field recommend drinking about 16-20 ounce of water before 1-2 hours of working out.
You can make a plan for before and after eating, before starting exercise you need to take carbohydrates, you can try smoothies with yogurt, veggies, sliced bananas and butter sandwich, whole grain crackers and few sliced apples can prove best, be sure of taking small meals including few calories.

Once you are done with your work out make sure you does not utilize foods that are high in fats and fiber, these can left you feeling sluggish, could not provide instant energy and in most cases upset your stomach.

One caution is ‘avid ‘instant drinking of water or any juices. These can ruin body metabolism due to temperature differences..the best plan for you is to see your doctor before any exercise plan!

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