How can dancing be considered a fitness program?

How can dancing be considered a fitness program?

You must’ve heard about Zumba. The popular dance workout looks like more of a dance party than a fitness program! The US National Library of Medicine or the NCMI recognises dance as a form of exercise. According to their report, many people don't feel the need to exercise and stay under-active.


There are many alternatives to exercising alone at the gym. For example sports. But not many feel they can be good at or are interesting in games. Joining a gym or exercise club can be costly.


Dancing, however, is easy, affordable and one of the best ways to get your body moving.


You can dance your way to fitness and when you do it with a group you stand the chance of improving your social skills. Fitness is not all about just physical strength. You want improve your mental capabilities too and dancing is an excellent way to improve your mental health.


Whether you dance in a group or if you dance with a partner, dance as a fitness program has an instructor leading the group. It also encourages people to cooperate with each other and is not as competitive as many sports activities can be.


It's not just Zumba. You can choose a variety of dance forms that suit your preference and needs. You can consider ballroom dancing, Irish set dances, tap dancing, or Latin American dances. Whichever dance form you choose, performing it regularly improves your balance, coordination, mental health, and strength. 

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